WIP Core Research

WIP Core Research is conducted for Members and results are freely accessible to all Members. A set of initial research topics have been identified.

WIP Members will have an advisory role in establishing and guiding the research directions of WIP Core Research. Members have access to restricted sections of the WIP website where preliminary technical information and reports are available.

DAWI (Digital Assessment of Well Integrity)

CCS Data Analytics & Digitalization: A data-driven approach

In-situ evaluation of effect of CO2 on cement sheath

Displacement Study

Well Integrity Assessment for Underground CH4/Hydrogen Storage

Effect of Hydrogen on Downhole Cements - A Fundamental Study

Real-Time Autonomous Decision-Making in Well Construction

Downhole Robotic Welding to restore Well Integrity

Method and System for Detecting Undesirable Drilling Events

Developing a generic model of TCS as function of ultrasonic velocity and slurry recipe

Matrix Integrity

Wellbore Integrity Modelling

Evaluation of Casing Leak Location and Remediation

An investigation into study of alternate sealants to replace or complement cement

Investigation into alternate system for well abandonment such as Shale activation, Bismuth, Thermite, etc.

Verification of Barriers using sensors such as Fiber Optics, Acoustic Transducers

An investigation into study of cement plugs for well abandonment and/or Kick-off

Development of Well Integrity Management System