WIP benefits

Membership Makes the Difference

WIP members have an advantage. As a member, they will have access to a large collection of resources, to the local and global community with similar issues or the opportunity to grow by offering and promoting their own smart products. In more detail, the benefits for members are:

Participation in an independent research organization finding solution to industry challenges based on the merit of the problem.

Free attendance to the WIP Annual Conference with the goal to present and discuss various well integrity problems and solutions and create effective networks between members, scientists, students and regulators.

Free participation (three company representatives) in the annually held three day WIP Basic Training/Seminar on well integrity problems and solutions.

Participation (one company representatives) in WIP Strategic and Technical Advisory Board held twice a year with the goal to shape WIP, to provide input for existing and future WIP Core Research and, if desired, to initiate and define WIP Funded Projects.

Free access to outcomes resulting from WIP Core Research under the consideration of confidentiality and IP rights defined by MUL in such research.

Shaping WIP Junior Academics, an open-topic program for students with various well integrity themes.

Participation in WIP Individual Training/Seminars on special well integrity topics for a discount fee, held on request.

Initiation of WIP Funded Projects, exclusively or in form of Joint Industry Projects, with/without national and international research fund support and with a platform outreach. Confidentiality and IP rights are clearly defined by the parties for such projects.

Access to WIP Resources such as lab, industry experts and faculty members to find solutions to challenges of varying degrees.

Priority access to WIP Consulting, a paid service to consult in urgent well integrity issues, conducted by highly qualified industry experts.